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Thanks for visiting my site.  This website is dedicated to empowering women: especially women who have said "enough is enough" and are defining beauty on their own terms. For so many African American women, this has meant cutting off our perms, weaves, and hair pieces, and embracing our true beauty outside and within.  

SupaNatural Art Collection is a tribute to natural women and the hairstyles they rock. It is inspired by their natural beauty, uniqueness, elegance, and style.  From Afros to Cornrows, Dreadlocks to Mohawks, we wear them all with dignity and poise

The artwork featured on this website will inspire you, uplift you, and encourage you to keep on keepin' on. The natural hair movement is catching on rapidly, inspiring a new generation of young girls to stand up tall to embrace their true beauty and natural dignity, and to re-invent the rules of how beauty is defined.   --As they do, the whole world is rising up to meet them.

I hope you find something you're inspired by.

(If there is an original piece that is already sold out, please ask for custom re-makes.)




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  • "I just want to say the Sheika tote is fabulous!!!"
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  • "i love the natural creativity of the pieces. Simply fabulous - i love Dora"
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